dr. pescia ivy flower honey

dr. pescia ivy flower honey
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Product Description

Paolo Pescia is a second-generation honey maker, practicing nomadic beekeeping, which involves transporting his beehives to flower blooms all over Tuscany. He is highly regarded that the Italian government allows him to place his hives in national parks.

Dr. Pescia seeks out seasonal flowers in bloom, transports his bees to the fields and lets loose to work their magic. It can be very challenging works as the flowers that he seeks can be in bloom for as long as several weeks or as little as one day.

All production is done by hand, and never filtered and left in their raw state. They are also free from chemicals and contaminants.

The result is limited-production, monofloral honeys of stunning quality and flavor. Dr Pescia’s honey is a terroir-driven product and like fine wine, captures the aroma, flavor, and essence of the Tuscan landscape.

There are only a few hundred jars of each coming to the US and supply is extremely limited.

Dr. Pescia Ivy Flower Honey is a rich velvety honey with aromatic flavors of green tea and jasmine.

1/2 pound